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Direct access to occupational therapy means patients can be evaluated and treated by a licensed occupational therapist without needing a health care provider’s referral.


Direct access allows you to choose to see an occupational therapist when you feel you need to seek treatment without a referral from your medical provider.


Direct access gives you the power to decide if you need occupational therapy.


Direct Access is sometimes referred to as self-referral.  Insurance companies will not cover services through direct access.  Self Pay rates apply.


Benefits of Direct Access

There are several benefits to direct access including, but not limited to:

  • No waiting for a referral from your medical provider.

  • Quicker access to evaluation and treatment.

  • Coordination of care with other health professionals.

  • More control over your own treatment choices.

  • Use of alternative pain approaches/decreased use of opioids.

  • Improved outcomes/quicker results.

  • Improved patient satisfaction.

  • Health care is made more accessible to more people.

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