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Indigo Therapy Services, Inc. offers Occupational therapy and Speech Therapy to children. We specialize in helping children that have sensory processing issues, social, emotional and self-care issues, language and articulation issues, and/or fine and gross motor delays. We receive referrals from Parents, Physicians, APS/Schools, Psychologists/Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Counselors, CYFD, Treatment Foster Care Facilities and other Community Agencies.

At Indigo Therapy, Inc. we provide personal communication and attention to our clients and their families. We use traditional, evidence-based techniques that you can count on to produce results.

We offer occupational and speech therapy, three age-appropriate sensory gyms and a torticollis/plagiocephaly positioning clinic.

Our MISSION is to be the therapy provider of choice for pediatric clients in Albuquerque and surrounding areas; to demonstrate nurturing and compassionate care; to model appropriate behavior; and to allow a fun, safe environment in which clients can actively participate, develop, grow and heal.


Everything we do at Indigo Therapy is based on the following Core Values:

FUN: we maintain our sense of child-like wonder by making every activity and interaction FUN.

CREATIVITY: We strive to develop CREATIVE strategies and approaches to solve problems from more than one angle.

BELONGING: We create a comfortable and welcoming environment in which members feel a sense of BELONGING.

TRUST: We utilize integrity, honesty, and tolerance to develop TRUST in our relationships.

PROFESSIONALISM: We exhibit a PROFESSIONAL attitude by demonstrating respect and loyalty to all.

LIFELONG LEARNING: We commit ourselves to continuing our passion and education through LIFELONG LEARNING.

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